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Welcome About Hubbard Brook
Ecosystem Study
The HBES pioneered the small watershed study technique, and has produced longterm data on hydrology, biology, geology and chemistry of the forest and aquatic ecosystems. Read more…
  Hubbard Brook WebCams HB Virtual Visit
lter watershed  
Our Webcams are located throughout the Hubbard Brook valley, providing views of stream gages, the forest canopy, and long range views.
  Research HighlightsColder Soils, Warmer World
lter watershed  
How will changing winter climate alter patterns of snow depth, soil freezing and the processing of carbon and nitrogen in ecosystems? Read more...

  HBRF Curriculum GuideCarbon and Communities
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The HBRF's Carbon Project aims to help communities to better understand their local carbon dynamics so that they can take steps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Read more…